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CCA is also available in AIAL Arab Institute for Accountants and Legal.

Certified Cost Accountants (CCA) provide accounting, financial and management services to a range of businesses, organizations and accounting firms In today’s world , the profession of congenital accounting and auditing has taken a back seat and accountants increasingly contribute towards the management of scare resources and apply strategic decisions. This has opened up further scope and tremendous opportunities for cost accountants.

Problem solving: Comparative analysis for decision making: of the several alternatives available.

Scorekeeping: Accumulating data and reporting results to all level of management describing how the organization is doing.

Attention directing: Helping managers focus on opportunities and problems that would add value to the company and not to focus only on cost-reduction opportunities.

Enhance the capabilities of cost accountant to contribute to the company’s decision about the strategy, planning, and control, by problem solving, scorekeeping and attention directing.
Exam Conducted by:

American Council for Accredited Certification ACAC

Certification Issued by:

American Council for Accredited Certification ACAC

International Recognition:

The Diploma is mutually recognized by ACAC - USA – Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, India, Japan, and New Zealand. The Middle East and others

IPM Institute of Professional Manager, USA

M.Com / M.B.A. / ICWA / CA are eligible.

B.Com/ B.A./ BBA / B.SC graduates with accounting subjects are eligible, subject to conditions
Course Duration:

72 Training Hours

2 days Per a week

Session: 3 hours | 5.30 PM – 8.30 PM
Course Starts:

May 13, 2012
Examination Center:

DISC , Development institute for Science & Computer Dubai, subject to conditions.
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