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Course Overview

This program is designed to help students to develop the strategic & analytical skills they need to succeed in today’s hotel industry. Covering all hotel departments, each of the course topics examines a specific department or function and presents a variety of viewpoints on the duties, responsibilities, problems, and opportunities encountered there.

Linking theory with real- world problems and solutions, multidimensional case studies encourage critical thinking. This approach challenges students to identify the issues central to complex management problems, understand the structure of department resources, and harness those resources to solve problems in the workplace.

Course Content

Part 1: Overview of Hotel Management & Hospitality Industry

Part 2: Organization (Organizational Design, Hotel Organization Structure etc.)

Part 3: General Managers: A View at the Top

Part 4: Operations: Rooms

Part 5: Operations: Housekeeping, Engineering & Security

Part 6: Food & Beverage Division

Part 7: Marketing & Associated Activities

Part 8: Financial Control & Information Management

Part 9: Human Resources Policy Management

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